Solar panel to power my aquarium pump?

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i am growing a few different types of plants in hydroponic conatainers and i need an aquarium pump for each one and i know it would be be cheaper just to buy one big one but i would rather they each have one small pump. the pumps are 1.7 watts and 110 volts andd i would like them to be away from the house a bit because i have a shaded porch but i dont have any plugs near the porch so what size solar panel would i need to power just one of the pumps?


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  1. GABY Says:

    If they need to run more than 5-7 hrs/day and on cloudy days solar will not work unless you also install a battery bank, charge controller, and converter.

    This will cost you several thousand dollars. Not hardly worth it.

    If you don’t need them to run all the time, then you need about 2 watts for each one. That is a fairly small one. Probably about 1.0 sq ft.

  2. Nightwind Says:

    a 1.7 Watts pump on standard house hold power would need 15milliamps of current.
    If you plan on keeping the same pumps, which require AC power, you’d not only need enough solar panels to provide the power, but also a DC to AC converter to convert the dirct current to alternating current. Since the standard for household power is 110VAC at 60 hertz frequency, you would more than likely require the specs on the converter first before actually figuring out how many solar panels

  3. mr india Says:

    i agree with the early two answers. if you really want to install a solar panel, you have to consult the manufacturer or the vendor. i wonder why do you need them. if your aquariums are very near, you can extend wires from your house, it would be better and cheap. investing money on solar panel is not that much advisable. good luck.

  4. roderick_young Says:

    I think what you need to do is go to your local garden store and look into “solar water fountains”. There’s probably something ready-made for the flow rate you want.

    But if your hydroponics must have a reliable pumping schedule, then I’d say just bite the bullet and have an electrician run an outdoor outlet to the place you want.

  5. LMOF Says:

    Do you mean a fountain pump or an air pump. 12V and 6V fountains with solar panels are available complete as kits on ebay. If an airpump I would look into DC pumps so you won’t need a converter. They can run on one D cell. If your pet store doesn’t have them which is likely try a baitshop.

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