Solar panel out of aluminum foil?

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i trying to make a solar panel. right now i dont have money to go and buy a copper sheet. so can i make it out of aluminum foil. if there is a way please tell me how. and what do i use for wires. i making this to charge batteries.


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4 Responses to “Solar panel out of aluminum foil?”

  1. Kirsten Says:

    i dont think so

  2. MTRstudent Says:

    You can’t make a solar panel to generate any reasonable amount of electricity from that.

    You need a semiconductor to start with, in order to have something that can generate free charge carriers(electrons and holes) from photons. Then you need a junction which can separate the charges.

    In principle you could make a Shottky Diode solar cell from copper if you could find a doped semiconductor to bond a sheet of it to the copper. To form a decent electric field there should be a significant difference in work functions between the copper and the semiconductor, this will generally require the semiconductor to be doped.

    On top of this you would need a transparent conductor (most used are things like ITO or other ‘TCOs’ – Transparent Conducting Oxides) to be the top electrode to inject replacement charges into the semiconductor to replace the effect of recombination current.

    In summary, it’s difficult to DIY. You generally need complicated machinery to get decent crystal growth and/or doping.

  3. revenger Says:

    No but look in youtube for other ways of charging batteries . There is allot of neat ideas like building a small wind generator from scrap parts such as old speaker magnets copper wire out of transformers things that most people toss in the junk .

  4. New England Breeze Kristen Says:

    Making a solar electric panel and using the photovoltaic effect is fairly complex. While there are some great project ideas on Build It Solar –
    I’m not sure if they have something like that. Also, if you plan to work around lead acid batteries, be extremely careful! These are not toys, and you should work with batteries only if you have the proper safety gear like safety googles, gloves, face shield, and keep baking soda and eye wash handy – no joke.

    If you are interested in another solar project that uses aluminum foil, you could make your own solar oven. I highly recommend this for solar baked cookies!


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