How much is a solar panel?

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I live in philippines North province i like to know how much it costs one solar panel set and how many bulbs it can light up, how many hours, and where i can buy in north luzon , Philippines


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  1. campbelp2002 Says:

    You can look at the prices in the source. I don’t know if they ship outside the U.S. and don’t know if those prices would be similar to what you would pay in your country, but it is a start.

  2. Kenneth Limpahan Says:

    Hi Beeper!

    Hi bro.. I’m also a Pinoy from the south Iligan City, Philippines.. For your question an installed Photovoltaic/Solar Panel/Solar Cells system will cost somewhere around $9 per Watt. So when you’re using a 20watts fluorescent bulb 20 x 9$ x 55Piso/1$ = 9,900 Php which is quite expensive… Here’s the reference but i tried to research some info about there prices some sites would says it is less than a dollar here’s another reference for that That’s there price within the US… Freight for that item is not yet cover and prices for that solar panel depends on the manufacturer.

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