Access solar panel and wind generator?

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Anyone know where I could access solar panel and wind generator for small home from reliable supplier? Try to help small village home with their drought, electricity, farming, small industry, pump and water problems. They got plenty of wind and sunshine but rather dispense with fuel operational cost. Perhaps wind generator and solar panel generator could be the solutions. Besides being a good standby reliable no cost operation it also help prevent greenhouse emission. Looking for a reliable products and supplier both for social and commercial purpose. Appreciate any website you could introduce me to. Thank you.


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2 Responses to “Access solar panel and wind generator?”

  1. Kismitt Says:

    You might try –

    They are a tool company, but sell many other items as well.
    including solar panels. at very good prices

  2. azriel Says:

    i know that tractor supply company carries solar panels but they are not high producing. each set cost around 300 bucks not including the batteries. I’m going to use complete solar energy for my house. i figured that it would take 3 sets of solar panels from tsc. each set using 4 marine batteries would cost 2500 to 3000 bucks and it would produce enough power run my most basic energy needs. as far as wind mills i haven’t checked that idea out yet but i will soon enough. i hope that you find what you need. good luck.

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